Zillion was founded in 1994 by Mr. Zhan and his best friend by opening a grocery store. This first shop was established in Qingdao, Shandong province. The operations expanded rapidly in the subsequent years and the company continued to expand.


In 2008, an accidental opportunity brought our company into the field of flying fishing. Our boss visited his old friend in the United States in June and when he chatted with his friend, his friend inadvertently said, "Flying fishing gear is very expensive here. Chinese fishing gear is of good quality and cheap price. Why don't you make fishing gear? You can think about the flying fishing market." Back to the company, he held a two-day meeting and after everyone's joint discussion, at the end of June, they were confused about this strange field and began to explore the way forward. Over the years, the fly fishing rod, reels have been upgraded, but we have not changed our minds and try to sell fly fishing gear to anglers all over the world. The 100% satisfaction of every fisherman is our unremitting goal.


Our company entered into a partnership with Shandong's largest jewelry company in June 2013. Since then, it has entered the jewelry field. In December of the same year, our leader went to Guangdong for a business talk, and then had a very good talk with the boss of an electronic factory. Later, the two bosses became very close friends. They carried out the business of electronic technology products together in May 2014.


At the end of January 2020, China's domestic epidemic broke out. Masks and other epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. Our company actively responds to the national call and resolutely helps to fight the epidemic prevention and control. We expanded new production lines to produce disposable protective face mask and KN95 face masks. What our country needs is what we have to do. In early March, the domestic epidemic situation has been brought under control with our joint efforts, and we have seen the dawn of victory. But at the same time, the overseas COVID-19 broke out. After our masks obtained CE and FDA certification, we began to lend a helping hand to overseas countries. Our original intention is to solve the current shortage of masks for international friends and work together to overcome the difficulties. This move has won unanimous praise from our government and overseas friends.


We have been committed to being better and provide better services to our customers.